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Happy JULY! Loving me some Tour De France

I'm definitely rooting for Andy Schleck to get his own back against Contador, but my favorite team is Garmin-Cervelo. Saw a great documentary about the team's first year when it was Garmin-Chipotle, last night. Just want to hug the whole team, including the team manager with the weird side-burns. I have to see if the cycle slash fic comm is at all active. There's so many potential pairings to work with. Any requests from my fellow cycle fans? I'm dying to write David Millar.

Who is Liam McHugh? What happened to the other generic American who used to do the thankless job of not being Phil, Paul or Bob?

Meanwhile...if you had a drinking game where you took a sip every time Phil Ligget started a sentence with: "this reminds me of a time..." Or "this puts me in mind..." you'd have cirrhossis in twenty minutes.

(I know it's a hard thing to fill up that much time on air and he HAS a vast store of memories to draw on, however...)


It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday, but I chose to do my training at the gym. I'm a little sun-phobic and I would have been over-heating if I covered up enough to feel safe. This way I was able to avoid the ultra-violets. Plus-better bathroom access. I did two hours on the treadmill. About 7 miles. I still have to do some long runs at around 11 and 12 miles, but I'm counting on the weather to give me some nice gloomy running days.

The other advantage to being in the gym was the greater likelihood of stretching when I was done, as opposed to just stopping when I got to breakfast, which is my usual pattern on long run days. I did stretch a bit, but my knees are still not happy today.


The hunt for a "go-to" Italian restaurant continues since the tragic loss of Il Cantuccio, home of the famous "green stuff." The criteria is that we can pretty much walk in at any time and get a good meal for around $40.00. (Keep in mind we don't drink wine.)

There's a new restaurant on Valencia St. call Locanda in the spot that used to be Ramblas, which was a tapas place. I tried to make a reservation on-line and the first they had open was 1030PM. I called and they said we should try to walk in. We did so at about 615P and was told we'd have to wait about an hour. I said we'd be leaving right now. Basic rule of dining for K-gal and Hubby: We do not wait.

Instead we crossed the street ant went to Limon, where we were seated immediately. Limon's been in the neighborhood for years, but somehow we never got there before. Maybe Peruvian food didn't sound that interesting.

We started out with Ceviche. OMG!!! The burn. The full mouth burn! This is one of those times I thank my lucky stars I got out of New Jersey so I could learn to appreciate food that hurts a little. Then I had the Antichuchos de Res. MMMMMMMMM!!!! Hubby had Lomo Saltado, which is basically Peruvian Stir Fry.

So we had a great dinner and a good lip-burn. However the search for a go-to Italian restaurant continues.

Other losses on the culinary front, it looks like Maharajah, our go-to Indian restaurant is gone and I think that Ti Couz (crepes) might be toast, history, bye-bye as well.

Getting my goddess nails done today and then heading up to the Mint for Karaoke. Watching some classic Dr. Who lately. We're up to the 3rd Doctor and the Silurians.
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