karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

OMG! I was wrong about everything!!!!

For over a week, I've been stating with great certitude that no matter how nice the weather was during the weekend, that the fog would roll in by Monday night, making the 4th of July cold and gloomy and preventing anyone in San Francisco from actually seeing any fireworks.

Let it be known that the weather was uniformly gorgeous on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (and it's still hot and sunny out today) and that furthermore I was lying in bed last night (after a trip to the Mint) watching fireworks out my bedroom window.

Devastating, I know. So terrible, I'll be forced to shit a mountain and utter apologies to all the optimists who insisted the weather would lovely.

In fact, I'm being punished for my disbelief in the possibility of good weather by having sore legs following my 5-K yesterday.

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