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Back to work....let's have a Pimp Post!

Weekly Drabble Challenge at PPTH_Support

The weekly (or whenever I manage to remember to post it) drabble challenge at PPTH_Support is up to Merry Little Christmas, which is pretty much the episode that inspired me to start the community to post fic about the patients and supporting cast members.

This time around you have the option to write drabbles, and of course longer fic, about Dwarf-mom, Marco the Pharmacist or even Mr. and Mrs. Zebalusky.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Confirmation Received by dustandroses.
From this year’s MMOM challenge, the concluding chapter of the “River Called Denial” series. It’s a hot, sexy, funny, and oddly sweet culmination of the torture that Spike and Xander have been putting each other through.

White Collar

From last year’s Kink Bingo challenge---it’s kind of Peter/Neal, but not really. However, if you’re a Peter/Neal fan, you’d probably enjoy it. Prompt is Masters, Doms, Slaves and Subs.


More kinky White Collar, this time on the femslash side:
Morning Light by secondsilk

Gun kink!
Go. Read. Give love!
Can also be read at Dreamwidth OR A03
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