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Just back from a preview screening of Miracle Day-Episode 1


As a Jack fan, it was pretty much every thing I could have wanted. Jack's entrance was AMAZING! Jack got to be ruthless, devious, charming, and a bastard, but when he looked at Gwen for the first time and they smiled at each other, the love and longing was so there. RTD may be saying we're not getting Jack/Gwen this time around, but John and Eve are playing something completely different even if it's all subtext. Whatever does or doesn't get said about Ianto and whoever Jack does or doesn't shag, Jack is clearly still very fixated on Gwen Cooper.

And RTD MAY be full of it because Rhys got very prickly very fast the minute Jack showed up.

I know a lot of you love Rhys, but to me he was being his mostly annoying self most of the time.

Mekhi Phifer was hysterical. Alexa Havins is now exonerated for the umpteen years of hell she put AMC fans through as Babe, and Bill Pullman...wow. Rusty's writing and Pullman's acting make a character who should be merely loathesome absolutely fascinating.

The whole thing was wonderfully fast paced. Lots of snappy dialogue. Gwen Cooper kicking all kinds of ass.

Seriously, I know there may be some ugly bumps ahead but as of right now your's truly is a very, very happy Torchie.

While waiting on line, I chatted up my fellow attendees. The ones who identified as Ianto fans or J/I shippers said they'd grieved and moved on and had no animosity toward RTD at all. They did not hate him or want the show to fail in any way. Obviously that was a self-selected group, since anyone ostensibly boycotting wouldn't have been there. I also spoke to some fans who are not involved in on-line fandom at all and had no idea that any of this stuff was going on.

The girl sitting next to me in the theater had never even heard of Torchwood. She was basically there because it was a free screening. Afterwards I asked what she thought and she said she liked it and the first episode definitely made her want to see what happened next.

So I'd say the whole experience bodes well.
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