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Get well soon, Keith!

For those who don't know, Keith Olberman was rushed into surgery Friday night to remove his appendix. Alison Stewart is filling in until he gets back, which is a major improvement over Miss Eyebrows, as hubby calls the other chick whose name I can't remember.

Here are some news links:




(Being the punditslash-loving wench that I am, I immediately envisioned fic with Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert getting into either bitch fight or comfort sex or some combination thereof while worrying over Keith at the hospital, but then I remember that Stephen would already have been in Hollywood for the Emmy awards, which leads to a whole bunch of frantic phone-call scenarios, but gives Anderson the "home-field" advantage.)

We all need Keith back on Countdown to fight the good fight, whether it's giving the Bushies what they deserve or feeding Michael Musto the straight lines to kick Brittney when she's down.
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