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Torchwood: Miracle Day-Episode 2-SQUEEEEEEEE POST

I'll admit, I was worried she was being brought on for the purpose of writing misguided fanservice for one specific junta. I know there's going to be some cringeworthy stuff coming but so far, so good.

Here's what we got, instead:

1. Gwen Cooper is a FIERCE, WELSH BITCH!
2. Buh bye, Rhys. THANK YOU Doris, or whoever decided to get Rhys and baby out of the way for a while. This way I only had one moment of STFU Rhys and and Gwen was able to be her Fierce, Welsh Bitch self, unencumbered by Mr. Self Righteous.
3. Gwen is Fierce, Welsh Bitch who saves Jack's life.
4. And keeps the coat safe.
5. Rex ships Jack/Gwen (and Doris gives them a very nice House/Wilson ---back in the day--- kind of vibe.)
6. Speaking of House---Dr. Juarez, very awesomely House-like.
7. Evil CIA bitch is evil. Do NOT try to poison Jack. BAD CIA, BITCH, BAD!
8. Just once. HEE!
9. Hello, Newman.
10. Kudos to the make-up or CGI folks for doing Jack's "poison" make-up. Not fun to look at, but very effective.
11. Bill Pullman-DAYAM!!!
12. Rex...could you please, not be such an asshole from now on? PLEASE? It's unbecoming. But feel free to keep shipping Jack/Gwen as much as you like.
13. The arm. EWWWWWWWWWW. Gnarly
14. Access to bullshit. YAY. Jack & Gwen, kicking ass and taking names. And Rex breaking CIA bitch's neck. HAH!
16. The tension is KILLING ME. But it's a good pain.
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