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Torchwood: Miracle Day-Episode 3-SQUEEEEEEEE POST

Sorry for the very late post. Blame it on Harry Potter and my Half-marathon training schedule.

So much to love this week. This week the kudos go to Jane Espensen. Anyone who sees her at Comic-Con, please give her an extra hug for me. Major nerve-wracking potential pit-falls ducked in this episode.

Oswald Danes-happy creepy guy. Shilling for the drug company.

HELLO NEWMAN! (And goodbye, at least to your hearing for awhile)

Thanks Miss Translation.

Hello Rex being all badass. Great Rex/Jack banter. Jack/Gwen/Rex/Esther in the car are great. As an American Anglophile, I like the chips vs crisps thing.

BAMF GWEN! With her butt looking great in the black jeans.

Lots of scenes that pass the Bechdel test! Jilly/Vera, Gwen/Esther. (YAY JANE!)

Nice going there Rex. I think the look between Jack and Gwen said they knew it was going to happen. They know a few things about evil government s.

Friends. What was that you said again, Jack? Friends. That's what I thought you said.

Jack wants to get laid and proceeds to do so. THAT’S MY BOY! So very, very much real!Jack. To me that’s what’s important, not the “graphic” bits. It’s important that we know that Jack doesn’t “just flirt” as some like to claim. When he shakes hands and says his name, it means something. If there’s time and he can get the other person in bed, he will. We can therefore assume he was doing so throughout TW seasons 1 & 2, continually. This is the "I've seen him work," that Tosh told us about.

We’ve had three great sexy Jack moments in the course of Torchwood: 1. Jack/Gwen: the gun scene. 2. Jack/Original Captain Jack-the hands from CJH (probably the single most powerful erotic scene in the whole series.) 3. The Jack/John kiss/fight in KKBB. (Throw in the Jack/Rose dancing in The Empty Child if you’re including Dr. Who.)

What we have now (at long last) is a chance to see what Jack looks like when he’s having great sex. Halle-bloody-lu-jah. I LOVE YOU JACK!

And even more important the call. He calls Gwen. He calls Gwen to tell her how they don’t need anyone but each other.

Gwen (being Gwen) tries to bring up Ianto, and Jack immediately goes back to Dead Friends. (Along the lines of the litany from the end of CoE.) Yes, he feels guilty about all of them. Guilty, guilty, guilty, but he still wants, needs, and loves Gwen.(So he tells her what he thinks she wants to hear.) Who happens to be smart enough to know that the minute she gives in, he starts looking for the next one. (It's not nice, but neither is Jack.)

I feel this while sequence pretty much validates what I’ve said all along. Season 2 was all about Jack/Gwen as the pair-bonded alpha couple. (Basically 1st /2nd season House/Wilson.) It doesn’t matter who Jack or Gwen is actually having sex with; the emotional connection is with each other. (See Sleeper, To The Last Mean, Meat, Something Borrowed, Adam, etc etc.)

Apparently everybody gets laid tonight: Rex/Vera. Nice. YAY MEKHI!

Jack’s “morning after” scene is adorable and amazing. “You weren’t impaled.” “You should have seen the other guy.” OH, THE SMIRK! He is so back. AGAIN-I love you Jane Espensen.

Barrowman and Pullman. Oh this is good. Jack definitely knows about taking the life of a child. Creepy, creepy evil, Oswald. OMG-John is brilliant here. Both of them. Jack definitely acts up to the Bill Pullman standard here.

Nasty bad-guys beating up Jack. BAD! BAD GUYS! You are so going to get yours!


I hear there’s been some concern among my *fans* that I might be sore in some way as a result of this episode. (Thanks to “Reilly” for the heads up.) Actually my knees are kind of rough from a 12 mile run/walk/run. Other than that, fine thank you.


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