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More Than This-Thursday

I know I left you all hanging there on Thursday. First of all, I really appreciate everybody who sent me nice messages after I posted the whinging and whining.

Basically what happened is that I went to the gym on Thursday morning and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then I walked into the office to a bunch of emails letting me know that I had a missed ticket. In other words, the client got to the airport to check in for her e-ticket and it hadn't been issued. She ended up having to go to a ticket counter and pay for it herself.

This was completely my fault. I had the go-ahead to issue and it just didn't get done. Somehow I flaked and all the backups and queues and procedures that are supposed to prevent this kind of problem didn't work.
I haven't had one for months, maybe over a year and it really gutted me, because I hate screwing up like that.

So that's when I posted. I just felt like utter shit.

I took complete responsibility. I let my regional manager know (but NOT the firm's travel manager).I arranged for a cheese plate and chocolate strawberries to be her room when she checked in. I wrote an extremely grovelly letter of apology, and I spent the whole day waiting for the roof to fall in, which it didn't.

It wasn't as bad as it could have been for the following reasons:
It was just a Southwest ticket from San Jose to Las Vegas, not too expensive.
They didn't cancel her reservation. She just had to buy a ticket.
She didn't miss a flight.

Eventually, she wound up coming home that night and I was able to get a waiver of the 48 hour cancel policy.

My regional manager didn't seem unduly concerned. I've sinced realized that she's got much better fires to put out. For one thing we need a new agent at one of our toughest clients and we're bidding on a MAJOR new client that's taking up everyone's time and energy.

So....I went through the whole day feeling like crap, thinking I was about to get fired or at least chewed out, and I didn't even get to eat till like about 2:00PM (and remember I'd done the 30 minutes on the treadmill.)
THEN....I get a call at 555PM, about a missed FUCKING LIMO PICKUP!!!!

Mind you, it wasn't the actual attorney, it was the wife of MY MAJOR PROBLEM CHILD, who was waiting at JFK for the limo inside at baggage claim, while the driving was outside circling, looking for her. She wound up taking a cab.

Now there's a whole back and forth about who said what to whom and whether she knew it was supposed to be outside blah blah blah.

And it's not even my damn booking.

It was NOT a good day.
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