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Torchwood: Miracle Day-Episode 4-SQUEEEEEEEE POST


It's ALL ABOUT JACK & GWEN! It's about Jack/Gwen too, but even if you don't see the love and UST between them, it's still obvious what a great team they are and how much fun they have just being together (especially when Gwen is lying to Rhys about sunny California.)

More reasons to be SQUEEEEE-FUL

Awesome flop-house guy.
Jack buns looking goooooood!
Jack looking goooooood!
Jack being exceptionally real!Jack.
Jack using "John Smith" as an alias. And channeling the Doctor in making fun of Gwen's bad American accent.
Gwen looking gorgeous both as California Girl and with the heavy make-up/up-do look.
Bill Pullman's acting in the hotel scene and throughout.
Lauren Ambrose's acting throughout.
Creepy Oswald going all Jesus Christ.
Conserva-bitch getting one-upped AND hitting the crusher.

And Rex didn't have to be quite so much of a prick, but in fact, Esther IS an idiot.

I've commented to several people who are still saying it doesn't feel like Torchwood to them. It totally feels like Torchwood to me. I genuinely feel like I'm getting the Jack and Gwen we got in Season 1 and Jack is the Jack we should have had all along before the show got somewhat de-railed.

I would have liked a Tosh shout-out in this episode, but it really points up what Jack told Gwen last week. It's them now and that's fine. It was Gwen that Jack looked up and saw in Everything Changes and that's the journey they've been on ever since.

Can't wait to find out what Jack did that's presumably even worse than giving up the kids to the 456 the first time.

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