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More Than This-Friday

Friday was somewhat better because I had the Lovely Lucy to work with instead of Tobie who is a better Jew than I and took off for Yom Kippur.

Things were hectic, but not horrible and the missed ticket problem seemed to be resolved. The attorney answered my grovelly email with (more or less) "no problem."

Around four-ish, I got a call from the hubby saying he'd fallen and hurt his arm and might be going to the hospital. I asked if it was the motorcycle and he said it wasn't. He told me he'd call me if he was still at the ER when I got off work. He did and he was. It took forever to get up to Kaiser on a bus, but less forever than it would have to try and get a cab on a Friday downtown. Not that it mattered because Hubby was still being seen, x-rayed, wrapped, etc.

Broken arm. Radius & Ulna. Cast. Sling. 6-8 weeks off work. Possible lasting damage. LOTS OF PAIN!!!!

It was not a motorcycle accident. My second guess was that it might have something to do with the laundry and a staircase, but nope.


He saw it in the Sharper Image catalogue and just happened to be near the Sharper Image store. He bought the item, but no protective gear. My husband, is 49 ladies and gentlemen! He took it home and decided to give it a spin in the garage. Next thing you know, I'm getting the phone call.

I love him, but right now I'm not full of sympathy.

Anyway, I got his pills at the pharmacy and we got a cab home. Ordered a pizza. We had City of Death from Netflix and hubby wasn't ready to sleep yet. I'd never seen Tom Baker as The Doctor, so it was sort of a revelation of goofy and intense. I can definitely see the lineage from Baker to Tennant. Plus awesome featurette.

I did get some writing done at the hospital. I made sure to grab a pad before I left work.
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