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"Fool Hearted Memory" Life On Mars Drabble Gene/Missus, Sam/Gene

Title: "Fool Hearted Memory"
Fandom: Life on Mars
Pairings: Gene/Missus, Sam/Gene
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 212. Prompt from lifein1973 Weekly drabble challenge #143-Amnesia. Thanks to proseac1 for a SPaG and Brit-check lookover. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: It's not just the legendary prowess.

Gene’s watched too many coppers’ marriages go tits-up; he’s bloody well sure it ain’t gonna happen to him.

He never forgets her birthday or their wedding anniversary. He can still remember the song that played the first time they danced together. He knows what kind of flowers she likes to get after they’ve had a row, not to mention how to give her a good time in bed.

What’s he got with the Missus ain’t perfect, but he’s determined to hang on to it.

The only thing is, since Sam Tyler showed up, he’s having a hard time remembering why.
Tags: drabble, drabble-a-day 2011, fanfic, gene hunt, het, life on mars, sam tyler, sam/gene, slash

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