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Welcoming Livejournal back to life with fingers crossed and Pimp Post!


Multi-fandom Suit & Uniform Kink Meme


Reclame by recrudescence.

Yusuf/Eames. Yes, YUSUF! The man most over-looked by the fandom and extremely deserving of some love. To be honest, I originally read this just because it wasn't the main pairing in the fandom, but it's a great story on its own, really capturing both a wary and playful side of the characters.


Doctor Who/Torchwood

Before This Life by veritas6_5, a Jack-centric fic that is what it says on the tin. A wonderful, sweet and kind of heart-breaking look at Jack poised between the Time Agency and his life as a con-man. It's absolutely GEN for those looking for a break from relationship fic and does a really good job of characterization and story-telling. Bonus points for compelling Original Characters.


White Collar

The Last Dance

Neal/Mozzie, Neal/Kate, Neal/Peter, Neal/Kate/Mozzie.

This is a collaboration between myself and via_ostiense for the Pod_Together challenge. It's available both as fic to read and pod-fic to listen to.
Tags: doctor who, inception, jack harkness, pimping, torchwood, white collar

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