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Last entry before fic posting.

Woke up Saturday to rain and my fingernails falling off. OK, not my fingernails like "The Fly," but three of my silk wraps...all on one hand. I love having goddess nails, but what lurks underneath is not pretty. There's a new nail place just downstairs from me. I've been not going there because of loyalty to Kathy, but this was a crisis. It would have taken over two hours to go downtown and get a fill, but I didn't want to leave the invalid alone that long.

I didn't bother with a full set, just had them pull the rest of the bastards off, file everything down and give me a regular manicure. I'll let my nails rest for awhile. The pedicure was pretty awesome. They have the chairs with the foot tub attached instead of bringing out the individual foot baths and the chair is one of those vibrating massage chairs like they have at the (ahem) Sharper Image, so that was really nice, and the foot massage was pretty good with some sloughing lotion.

So, no goddess nails right now. :(

Doctor Who-Utopia: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And extra bonus points for Derek Jacobi.

Torchwood-Ghost Machine: SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I won't say anything else in case of spoilers, except to say THE SCENE was worth the wait.

Watched "Hot Fuzz," like it, but not as much as "Shaun Of The Dead," and struggled like crazy with my first Who-verse story. Like screaming, frothing at the mouth, crossing out words, struggling.


Sunday...woke up with a chocolate hangover and eventually managed to get out for a run/walk/run. Eight miles.

Got home and cooked...watch a few Who eps. I could watch David Tennant do the bit when Cassandra is inside him forever. Totally hysterical.

Barrow-mania moment...
Before Karaoke I went up to Castro to stop at A Different Light and get a few more copies of Out. (If anyone is stuck somewhere they can't get it, let me know.) Anyway, as I'm heading up 18th Street, passing the All About You spa, I see a guy reading the issue. He's got the mag open to the picture in the White Shirt (the one that's part of the Vampire Spread, not the interview spread itself.) and I (SO HELP ME) walked into the spa and said, "Isn't he the hottest thing ever?" and started this whole conversation. The guy had never heard of Torchwood, but did seem to know about Doctor Who. So I did the whole spiel and told him how cool the show was and blathered on while he probably wondered if he should call the cops to have the crazy woman removed.

Then I went to A Different Light, bought three more copies, chattied with cool, hippie counter guy, who knew about the show, but doesn't have cable.

Took my mags to the Mint and played showed and tell with everyone who would put up with me. I'm SO in a Hari Krishna phase right now. I was exactly like this during the 2nd season of House when I'd just gotten hooked from the 1st Season DVDs and had started writing.

Karaoke Song List
From A Jack To A King-Ned Miller (Ol' skool country.)
Devil Woman-Cliff Richard (I kicked ass.)
Anything Goes-My JB tribute. Not quite perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it.
Rock DJ-Robbie Williams
I Am What I Am-Linda Eder-Where I fail to follow the rule that one should never try an arrangement one isn't sure of and pay the price.
Totally sucky. Feh!

Just watched Clockwatchers. Like it a lot. It felt very real.

And now I'm going to post some H/W angst!
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