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Torchwood: Miracle Day-Episode 5-SQUEEEEEEEE POST

Sorry, I'm late. Reilly tells me that my *fans* were concerned that I hadn't posted yet. Had to deal with some back pain and getting a decent night's sleep, but here I am. And guess what? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Gwen/Rhys cuteness. One of their better scenes to date. (Aside from the snogging-break it up, you two!)Hi, Gwen’s mom. Apparently female bad-assery runs in Gwen’s family. (Even if she put the baby in a LOT of pink.)

Oh, Andy, you are useless. (Way more useless than Esther.)

Jack/Esther awesomeness.

Jack making a Jerome Kern song lyric reference. (How much would I love to hear John Barrowman sing that instead of the cheesy covers pop covers? A “Swings Jerome Kern” album would be perfect.)

Jack/Rex-bitchy banter.

Vera/Rex-sexy banter.

Jack/Vera-Cheeky grin and fist-bump.

Jack/Rex-that crazy old boyfriend of mine. You go campy Jack. (I also like that because it’s related to playing “gay” with Ianto in CoE, and implies that it’s equally unserious.) AND definitely wanting more than a kiss from Esther, so can we stop bitching that Jack is too gay and not Omni enough? If he had time, he’d have done Esther, Vera, Rex and the landlord.

Esther/Vera-sexy girl-power.

Eckley!!!! You know he’s gonna be scum. Especially with bad southern accent. (Taking a moment to feel sorry for Marc Vann, although he probably doesn’t need it. He can probably get work forever because he does those parts so well. On the other hand, it’s got to be a pain, always having to play officious pricks.)

You go Jilly-bitch.

Hide and go seek game Jack/Oswald. Suspense music. OMG-the tension. I know bad shit is going down, but you can’t deny RTD’s ability to build tension.

Hahahah! Phil Collins. He would SO show up at Miracle Rally.

Awesome swipe at American health insurance situation. (WE NEED SINGLE PAYER!)

OK, Vera, that wasn’t exactly bright. OY! Oh Eckley, living up to your nearly unbroken string of playing cretins.

Hello creepy good looking guy. (Jilly, please be careful. I don’t know why I care about your evil, bitchy ass, but I do.)

Jack/Oswald-another great Barrowman/Pullman acting duet. Another amazing Jane Espensen script.

Creepy Messiah Oswald! Holy shit!

Bad Eckley. Here we go. OK, I read about this in advance and it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Just as glad for the spoilers, so I knew it was coming.

Actually I get more upset by the kind of beating that Jack got from the Phicorp thugs than by what just happened.

Also, half-way through and Jack is still very much real!Jack, and for that I will let out a very happy

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