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Quick update

I love my doctor. She took a few pokes at my back and leg and said it felt like muscle spasms. (She also gave me a lecture about stretching before AND after I run.) I'm now taking Vicodin for the pain and Flexeril for the spasms and feeling much, much better.

Got my mammogram yesterday. I can't exactly say it was painless, but the process of getting us in and out was certainly efficient. I did get a lecture from the Mammogram lady that I should get them every year instead of the once every two years, which I basically only do because if I don't, then they'll cut off my birth control prescription. Blah blah blah. Aside from the birth control pills, I'm not really in any risk groups that I know of...unless you count having breasts as being in a risk group for breast cancer.

I had another doctor's appointment today. That one's too potentially squicky for me go into detail about even under a TMI warning.

Hubby put THIS on our Netflix queue. It actually sounds kind of cute. Something for everybody as it were.

Getting my nails done at three. Meeting Yanni at the Mint at 6PM. HOPEFULLY getting some work on the NOVEL done. It has been awhile and I'm less than full of self-esteem about that.
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