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Torchwood: Miracle Day-Episode 6-SQUEEEEEEEE POST

Plenty of great stuff to Squeeeeeee about this week. Do NOT let the Debbie Downer squad get to you, folks. Jack is a FORCE to be reckoned with and Torchwood is kicking ass and taking names!

What the hell just happened? Man jumping off building after talking to Ernie Hudson? WTF?

Damn right, you’re with Torchwood, Rex!

Oh Eckley, you are in so much trouble.

OMG-The fucking TENSION!

Gwen vs Dr. Patel-Fucking amazing.

Hello, Jack! Yummy yum yum. (SQUEEEEE!!!!) Hello, hello Jack. More flirting and a butt pat. Real!Jack IN DA HOUSE! (SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!)

Great scene with Ernie Hudson. Lots of exposition, but awesomely done.

Rex has a BAMF moment! Although as EEEEEVIL goes, these people are not on the ball. “Going out for a smoke?”

Oh Rex, from BAMF to fucking idiot in nothing flat. OH FUCK! That was ouchy! Come on Esther, time to do something EPIC, like now!!! (Although Mark Vann is giving an awesome seminar on conveying the “banality of evil" thru his acting choices.)

YAY ESTHER! (When in doubt-go for the eyeballs.) OMG----THE SUSPENSE.

That’s it Rhys, blame it on Jack. You’re damn right he had that look about him. Always has. Always will.

Gwen/Rhys kiss-all right you two, break it up. YOU GO RHYS-DRIVE LIKE HELL!

The contact lenses are a squick, but Jack telling her she’s a sight for sore eyes? And being all “come back I need you.” SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH JACK, she is so YOUR GIRL! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! And she’s coming back to the fight. Whooooo-hooooo!!!!!!

Also, please note that the Ernie Hudson scene now gives Barrowman exactly one degree of separation to the main cast of White Collar!
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