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Vacation Report-Edinburgh-Day 5

Thursday was Election Day!

Most of the people we’d talked to Edinburgh seemed pretty apathetic, or at least that’s what they told us, the American tourists, rather than breaking into a chorus of “Flower of Scotland” and an imitation of Mel Gibson as William Wallace.

However, what we’d gleaned from the papers and the BBC was that the momentum was with the SNP. Although I was personally thrilled to see lots of signs for the Greens and the Socialist Party, there was almost no indication that the voting itself was happening. Certainly not in the shopping or tourist areas.

After breakfast at the B&B, we headed back up the Royal Mile to knock off a few bits we’d missed.

The Writers Museum
Museum of Childhood
John Knox House

Political/Historical digression
I still don’t quite have a grip on where the average Scot comes down on the whole Knox vs Mary Queen of Scots thing. They seem to love Mary and still venerate Knox as a great writer, preacher, and reformer. My general feeling is that the relationship between Scotland and England is far more complex than Ireland and England, which seems to be all hatred, all the time, whereas Scotland/England can at any time be love/hate, love/love, hate/hate or hate/love. Even with the possibility of an independence referendum, I’m not sure a complete break is possible on a political or emotional level.

Did I mention that there was a picture of Sean Connery as Bond in the bathroom of our hotel room at the Balmoral?

Back to touring:

Somewhere in there we stopped in at the Elephant House, “the birthplace of Harry Potter,” where JK Rowling is supposed to have planned out the stories and had the view of the school that inspired Hogwarts.

Then we got in a cab for Hubby to go to his kilt fitting and for me to go pick up the computer which had been declared a lost cause at least as far as getting the photo chip out of the DVD drive. Also the CD drive (obviously) , so I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to hear the Red Hot Chili Pipers CD that I couldn’t resist buying.

I had the cab driver wait while I got the computer and then take me back to Southern Cross to have another IRN-BRU, which I promptly spilled on my jeans and to hook into their wifi. Checked email. Chatted. Wrote drabble. Generally kicked back enjoying apart time from hubby.

I noticed that the music was pretty much every track from the 1st season of Glee. When I asked “Who’s the big Glee fan?” I was told “Just about everybody.”

Hubby met me there and we took a long walk back to the B&B with a stop at the Gap store because I needed at least two more shirts to get through the week and we weren’t having laundry done until the next day.

This was also the day it turned a little wet, but also really warm. Just as well because my sweatshirt was getting kind of gamey. Even when it was raining, we managed to avoid any major downpours.

We had dinner back at Wee Windaes, which despite fitting into the category of being a local cuisine in a tourist area restaurant managed to transcend my epithet of “tourist food” by serving an amazing rib-eye with a wonderful blue cheese dressing and a mushroom bruschetta starter that genuinely surprised with wild mushrooms and soft bread.

Hubby had the rack of lamb and the double chocolate mousse. The mousse was both a work of out and delicious.

While we were walking back to the B&B, I realized that I was completely confused about our travel arrangements. I’d been saying for months that we were leaving Edinburgh for London on Saturday and getting in on time for Doctor Who, but that would have left us with one extra night at the B&B that wasn’t accounted for.

I couldn’t remember if I’d booked the London hotel for arrival on Saturday or Sunday. There had been a lot of back and forth about how much time we needed in Edinburgh, plus Hubby wanting to do the Caledonian Sleeper to London, which it turned out wouldn’t work because of dates and times and stuff.

I was in a daze and slightly worried that I had us double booked for one night and that we might end up getting charged for something we weren’t going to use. It turned out that I had booked the extra night in Edinburgh and one less in London. That was fine. We really need one more day in Edinburgh, rather than doing Glasgow on Friday and having to run out the next day.

Big sigh of relief, but more concern about my ditzy space-case ability to get an idea in my head and never bother to check my documents to make sure.

Election coverage was typically British. Such a relief after the over-the-top crazy of our midterm coverage where I’d really wanted to hit people. (Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’donnell I’m still looking at you.) The bottom line was YAY SNP and BOOO EVERYBODY ELSE, but most especially BOOOOO Lib Dems, who all seemed stunned. Polite and restrained, but stunned.
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