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Back to work tomorrow-sort of a lost week.

The original plan was to work out and write.

Seeing doctor for back pain. Getting diagnosed with muscle spasms.
Muscle relaxant + Vicodin = Wheeeeee!
Minor medical procedure, during which I pissed off a different doctor by screaming when she gave me the lidocaine injection.
Karoake with Yanni on Tuesday night. Our first full performance of "Hallelujah" by Milk and Honey. NOT the Leonard Cohen snoozefest.
White Collar season finale-More validation of my Neal/Mozzie fanon and a HOLY SHIT cliffhanger ending.
Me. Not writing my NOVEL.
Eureka-pissing me off, but at least sort of resolving the plot that was pissing me off.
Warehouse 13-GDL proves he can play exactly the same kind of role he had on Torchwood. Coffee-baggers twist themselves into knots trying to think of a way they can keep hating on Jane Espenson while simultaneously sucking up to her.
More karaoke with Yanni, although hubby's thing at the Zen center got canceled so I had to leave early.
Watched Pornstar Pets. Awesome.
Hot tubbing at 24 Hour fitness.
Friday night-watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and THEN Torchwood: Miracle Day-Day 6. That's a hell of a lot of tension and suspense for one night.
I've now seen the whole "The girl..." trilogy, but not read the books. Remind me NEVER to go to Sweden. Between this and Wallander... not very appealing.
Then I wrote a drabble in 15 minutes flat.
Saturday-8 mile run/walk/run. Back feels fine.
Trip report updated-only THREE months since we've been back.
Watched "Due Date." Why Robert Downey Jr., why?
This morning-Yoga class. Not bad. My downward dog is apparently getting better and I got some nice stretching done.
Heading out to Karaoke in a few hours.
Two weeks to Half Marathon!
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