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Pimping My Way Back To You Girl...with a burning love inside.


And a very special note about a new Torchwood Livejournal Community:

The Pro-Gwen Alliance

Description: Taking back our fandom from the haters one post at a time.

Please consider joining and/or spreading the word.


Speaking of the lovely Gwen Cooper, we have a beautiful and sadly gorgeous story (which although Jossed by MD still makes for a haunting AU) about Gwen's life post-Children of Earth and how Jack comes back into her life. WARNINGS/POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: Illness, Character Death.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by veritas6-5.


I'm happy to see that we're getting Miracle Day fic! (So much for the "no one cares about the new characters" argument!) And Femslash to boot! Whoooo-hooooo! Torchwood can never have too much Femslash!

Acquainted with the Night by prochytes. Sexy & angsty. Well worth a read!
Gwen Cooper/Esther Drummond.
Rating: PG-13.

More Miracle Day fic:

A drabble from rustydog written for tw100. Special prompt: Drought.

Crying Wolf

Characters: Esther Drummond & Sarah Drummond
Rating: PG

A good look at the relationship between the sisters and at Sarah's demons.
Tags: pimping, torchwood

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