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Welcome to another edition of OMG I FEEL SO OLD!!!!

It's that time of year again, recruiting season! This is when the kids from all the big colleges call me to book their travel to come to the Law Firm to interview. With the new TSA rules I have to ask them their dates of birth. Obviously they get younger and younger (relative to me) every year. Most of this year's crop was born in 1985 and 1986. That already freaks me out, but I just talked to a very polite young lady who informed me that her date of birth was NOVEMBER 30, 1988!!!!

By 1988, I was already living in San Francisco. I can't deal with this shit!

OH, then there was this little exchange, because I've noticed that whereas in the past they usually gave me their .edu email addresses, now most of them have an Gmail account and they use that to get their itineraries. So I mentioned this factoid and her was response was,

"Oh, yeah. I love Gmail. It's color-coded."
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