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Squeeeeeeeeeee Post for Torchwood: Miracle Day - Day 7

Plus this week's "Squick" warning

I really need to stop reading spoilers for this show. I’ve had a week of agita worrying about what would be said this week. And the thing that literally kept me awake on Tuesday night DIDN’T HAPPEN.

For those trying to decide if the squick factor is too much on this one….just remember, Jack went through a year of killing and torture at the hands of the Master, who had to be way more creative than these idiots and he still came out swaggering. We didn’t see it, because it was on Dr. Who and therefore children’s TV.

Yes, it’s bad, but only a few minutes and there’s a beautiful Jack & Gwen scene right afterwards.


On the prowl and looking good. Angelo is yummy. Another chance to see how Jack interacts when there’s actual chemistry between Jack/Character or Barrowman/Actor. Seriously delish.

Real!Jack,Real!Jack, Real!Jack.

(Very excited to know that Gwen misses him.)

Damn he looks good! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (YES, some omni-sexual Jack....dirty-talking, omni-sexual Jack.) I’m having a fucking heart-attack here. Yeah, it’s fanfic. AND I DON’T CARE. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Only a hundred, million, billion times sexier and more convincing than ANYTHING that happened in the chemistry-free zone. And I think we can extrapolate the other times that it was and will be “cheap.”

Nice shot of the bum!

YAY-Gwen immediately tells Jack what’s going on. I love them ragging at each other. They ARE a married couple.

Love the confession scene. REAL!JACK in DA HOUSE!

I love Jack! I love Jack & Gwen! “Button it!”

He’s a con artist and she knows it. “You bastard!” God, the intensity between them. Mrrrrrrooooowwww!!!!

“I hear the beads clicking at night.” He knows Angelo feels guilty and he keeps fucking him. That’s our Jack. DOCTOR REFERENCE. JACK IS ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR. Even if he’s talking “love” with Angelo, he is all about the Doctor.

Alien! OK, “It’s not really Torchwood” whiners, there’s your alien.


“I’m glad you stayed.”

I love the look on Jack’s face as he realizes what he and Torchwood did to Gwen. And she’s right she is HIS GWEN. “I LOVE YOU GWEN COOPER!” That’s it kids. C-A-N-O-N. I LOVE YOU GWEN COOPER. On screen. In front of our faces.

“I saw your body.” “Want to see it again?” HEH!

Nice camel hair coat! “Nice suit.” (I came back for you….yeah, we’ve heard that before.)

Horny!Jack. HOT,but not a good idea. Angelo, you idiot!

Time for tonights mini-Squick-a-thon but great Jack & Gwen scene.

The coat. (Mini-Squeeeee for the coat!)

NOT WITH YOU! Buh-bye Angelo. I guess Jack hasn’t perfected his ret-con yet.)

Hello Jack & Gwen. Hello Rex & Esther to the rescue! Andy finally does something useful. And Gwen and Jack have their ILU on the record, at least to each other. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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