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How much do I love San Francisco?

A few of the fabulous things that have happened, are happening, and will be happening just this weekend.

Critical Mass 15th Anniversary.

I've never actually done the ride because I'm usually working on Friday afternoons, but it's one of those things I'd like to do someday and I LOVE living in the place where it got started and it still happens every month.

Last night, the San Francisco Opera had a simulcast of Samson and Delilah at AT&T Park. READ ALL ABOUT IT

The 6th SF Docfest San Francisco Documentary Film Festival.

Two weeks of documentary films, just around the corner from my aparment. Hubby and I just back from seeing Weiner Takes All a documentary about...wait for it....Competitive Dachshund racing. It was totally awesome and there was a Q&A by the director afterwards and two of the "stars" made an appearance.

The San Francisco Blues Festival

San Francisco LoveFest Including concerts and a Love Parade.

Leather Week, including the Folsom Street Fair.

I love having all the leather boys and daddies in town. I usually don't attend the fair itself due to claustrophobia and a little too much commercialism but a bunch of my karaoke kronies will be at the Mint in the afternoon in all their leather and whip-marks. Fun for all.

Comedy Day Free, day-long, outdoor, comedy concert in Golden Gate Park.

And tomorrow morning I will be run/walk/running the Glide Floss Bridge to Bridge Run

Now, I'll admit, this is a LOT of stuff for one non-holiday weekend in SF, but it's not THAT unusual. I'm not always happy in San Francisco, but I'm always happy to be in San Francisco.

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