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1/2 Marathon tomorrow-Hurricane stress today

(Yes, once again a major disaster is ALL ABOUT ME!)

Very busy today at the office doing rebooking and exchanges for travelers scheduled to go/from the East Coast over the weekend. Management is asking us to come in super-early Monday morning, on the assumption that the East Coast agents will not be able to get to work.

Plans for the evening:

Light meal
Hot bath
The Hour
Beddy bye

I don't think I'll be able to watch Torchwood tonight. I need to be asleep fairly early and whether it's Squeeeee, Squick or something in between, it'll be too hard to wind down right afterwards. I'll do a Doctor Who/Torchwood double feature

(I hear my *fans* have expressed a lot of interest in my spoiler-related insomnia issues. Thanks for the concern. I think I'll be ok.)

Hubby is down to Tassajara for the weekend. He's going through a LOT to get there, so I can't hold it against him, much as I'd love him to meet me after the race. Positive side: easier to sleep without fighting for covers. Negative side: I have to make sure my own alarm is set for 6AM.

I'd love to come in around three hours, but I'm not counting on it. Second goal is just to finish without breaking my run/walk/run pattern and in a minimum of pain. I'm trying to tell myself the muscle spasms were a blessing in disguise, keeping me from wearing out my footsies in the two weeks before the race.

More things to stress about...
Goddess nails. I've let it go a week longer than I should have. MUST get an appointment for tomorrow afternoon and hope nothing breaks before then.
Hair-I got a look at the top of my head in the bathroom mirror the other day. Not a pretty picture. Must call Sebastian and see if we can do hair day on Sunday.
I think I'm about to get my period. That'll be fun for a 13.2 mile event.

Things to look forward to
Finishing an event I've been training for since January
Doctor Who
Karaoke with no curfew. (Hubby is getting home very late on Sunday)

Things not to look forward to
Dragging butt back in here Monday at 7AM.

East Coast LJers, please keep yourselves safe & dry!
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