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"Quit Playing Games" Alias drabble Sark/Sydney/Vaughn Rating-PG

Title: Quit Playing Games
Fandom: Alias
Pairing/OT3: Sark/Sydney/Vaughn
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 239. Prompt from padawanpooh: Alias - Regret. Unbeta'd. Comments and concrit welcome. Takes place post-series.
Summary: No one knows you better than your adversary.

Sark spots Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn the minute they come in.

They still look like a perfect American couple. He knows better than most their individual demons and the tortured histories behind those beautifully maintained facades. Michael always got a twisted thrill out of “interrogating” him, and dear Sydney was never very good at hiding her secret longing.

Somewhere, back in the States, they have a “normal” life, a house, even children. The boredom must be maddening. The intel he used to lure them to Lisbon is real, but so is his desire.

Either way, he’ll profit from the deal.
Tags: alias, drabble, drabble-a-day 2011, fanfic, michael vaughn, sydney bristow/julian sark

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