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Squeeeeeeeeeee Post for Torchwood: Miracle Day - Day 8

The Chelsea Drugstore is pleased to offer the J/I shippers and Ianto fans on my F-list one free drink of your choice and a free gloat.

I know some of you have felt hard done by either since CoE or during this series, specifically regarding your ship or your favorite characters. Well this week you got three lines of gold-plated, gift-wrapped fanservice.

The free drink and a gloat offer is genuine. You've earned it. Coffee, tea, Cherry Red Soda...what ever you like.

La Vie Est Belle.


And now back to your real!Jack believer Squeeeeeing currently in progress.

Jack looks genuinely devastated to see old Angelo. The line about seeing everybody that way. THAT was actually John Barrowman's strongest moment.

Angelo is an obsessed fan-boy. (70’s mustache Jack!)

Inappropriate! (Angelo was BI! Maybe Jack did get a chance to get that threesome with the girl across the way going.)

Hello Newman!

Jack is very handsy with Gwen! SQUEEEEEE

Hello Q!

Nice going Rex!


John DeLancie delivering Jane Espenson dialogue=match made in heaven.

"Tell her to line up her lawyers so I can piss on them. Long and hard."

“What about you, Red Baron? You got snoopy up your ass?” (Not sure if that's the exact quote, but the delivery was awesome.)

Jack shows so much love for Angelo. Way more affection than he ever displayed on-screen for Ianto before he became the touchstone for Jack’s guilt complex, standing in for all the deaths that Jack felt guilty for. “Dead friends.” Of course he thought of Angelo being jealous. Ianto would have had the mother of all jealous fits if Angelo had ever shown up. “Partners in what way?” (You can even read it as Jack wanting a threesome with Ianto AND Angelo. One is never enough and Jack is so easily bored.)

Nice surprise Kaboom...Goodbye, Newman!

“Positive thinking and colostomy bags!”

Creepy Oswald reaching new dimensions of awesome creepiness. Seriously, Bill Pullman is SO
GOOD. EPIC. Genius!

Poor Jilly!

"Start with the sandwich!"

OH JILLY….you know something!

UH OH! Esther’s sister. Not good!

Gwen’s mum rocks! And she’s watching TV.

Nice boots Esther.

John DeLancie is totally stealing this episode.

“Cooper & Harkness inevitably form an alliance.” Even the CIA knows that. And he IMMEDIATELY tries to protect her.

Creepy date Danes.

Category 0

“People love me.” “Television loves you, not the same thing.”

The dialogue this week is just so delicious. You want to chew on every line.


Alien tech. And a Hub reference+J/I fanservice. So enough with the “It’s not Torchwood.”

Whoah-CIA girl-bang bang. Didn’t see that coming. SQUEEEEE!!!!! Between you and me Jilly, I'm not sure walking into the arms of the family is your best career move.

And Jack gets shot. Not bovvered. RTD might be planning to kill Jack, (I doubt it, but you know, I'm NOT going to say never...it IS Torchwood.) but he's NOT going to do it with two whole episodes to go.

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