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Ivan came over to watch Doctor Who with me last night.

A quick note on the perils of speaking in TV TROPES

Ivan is my awesome, cool, sweet, old-school Who, friend who is also a former Marine and nice Catholic boy with a slightly prudish streak.

So we were talking about the "Best of Companions" special on BBCA, which is basically just a clip show to build up the new series, and he was complaining that since it was ONLY about Amy, River, Rory, it was mis-named and how his favorite companion was...at this point, I guessed Sarah Jane, since that was his era, Tom Baker and Lis Sladen, but he said it was actually the 2nd Romana. Especially in City of Death.

So I mentioned the school-girl look, to which he agreed and then (speaking of a TV Trope) I called it "Fetish Fuel."

OH, he did not take it well. I was being flippant folks. I wasn't implying he was an incipient Oswald Danes. I was just saying, you know...cute girl dressed in school-girl garb, MIGHT raise a certain image for some people.

I'm sure if he was embarrassed or offended, but I got the impression he was really annoyed. I pointed out the same trope could be applied to the "River in Third Reich regalia" bit in the new Doctor Who episode. He agreed, but I think he's still annoyed. He said he wanted to get those two words out of his brain.

It's not a big, major dealio, but I think it's funny what sets people off.

As for the episode itself...love it, but have NO IDEA what the hell is actually going on.

On my way out soon for Hair Day! Need to go soak legs.
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