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Drabble-Secret H/W-PG13

Title: Secret
Author: Karaoke Gal
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Kind of H/W
Word Count: 100 exactly
Heavily inspired by all the hot stuff going on at mmom

Little Jimmy?

Not so little. Men’s room. Soap from the dispenser. Waiting for Cuddy’s results.

Quiet. The way nice Jewish boys learn to be and remember when they’re ensconced on their best friend’s couch.

He tries to think of Cuddy or Grace or Julie

But it’s always House. Has been for years. The curve of his upper lip. The leather jacket. What the blue shirt does to his eyes.

Harder. Faster. Rough. It’s not his hand anymore. Wilson and House on the couch. The L Word. Greg reaches over and…

Of course it wasn’t a date. How could it be?
Tags: drabble, house/wilson, housefic
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