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Quick House-babble behind the cut and then some other stuff.

There's something wrong with a House MD episode when the slashiest moment occurs between House & Chase.

The whole Survivor/The Apprentice/Whatever premise is working better than it has any right to. I'm bummed we lost hot guy in leather jacket so early.
Yay for dolphin porn. Yay for "men and lesbians" reference. Yay for old guy.

Wilson is channeling his 2nd season self from the post-Stacy period, which is slightly annoying, but I can live with it. My slash glasses say that if he can get House to admit to guilt feelings about FCC, MAYBE he'll admit to those other feelings he doesn't want to talk about.

As for Camerblonde--I know it's closer to Jen's real color, but it just looks wrong.

P.S.-I was re-watching Alone this morning. Hugh's eyes are still absolutely breath-taking. The close-ups during the last scene, while he's playing the guitar and doing the "I'm not always right," monologue? OH. MY. GOD.
In case any of you think my Jack!lust/Barrow-mania represents heresy or apostasy-IT DOES NOT! Hugh/House is still #1. (But it's damn close. And there will be crossover fic. Points at Icon.)

OTHER STUFF-Includes Jack!lust/Barrow-mania, self-pity, and a note to Keith Olbermann.

Love to all my gmail chat buddies for being there for the House-party on Tuesday and to cheer me up when I came home last night freaking exhausted after a brutal day on the Desk Of Doom, including #1 Problem Child, practically yelling at me because his favorite hotel in LA is sold out during a major convention and because he can't get upgrades a month prior to his travel dates.

Also, Tobie went back to acting like a wench and the printer broke. So it's just as well I couldn't check LJ all day because I wouldn't be able to print out anything and I really can't read fic of more than 1000 words on the screen.

I picked up a burrito for hubby on the way home and basically announced that we were going to watch The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances IMMEDIATELY. Being a wise man, even if an occasional idiot, he agreed.


I even caught a line I hadn't noticed before, where he overhears Rose and The Doctor talking about his "Captain" status and the Doctor says something about him being de-frocked and says (I think):
I quit. Nobody takes my frock.

JB's delivery of that line was so bloody delicious.

Has anybody written a fic based on that line? If not, why not?

Special love to Beta Goddess Carol for this pretty:

Things are slightly better today, but I'm seriously bummed about canceling our trip to Maui in November. Even if he's out of the cast by then, there's just no way. I'm still taking the week off to hang out and work on fic, but I was looking forward to the sound of the ocean outside my door and the warm breezes.

Things I never thought I'd do---I've taken house_wilson off my f-list for awhile. I figure between individuals on my list and house_slash, I'm not missing anything I need to see. And yeah, I did add dw_slash, what of it?

Note to Keith Olbermann-
Dude,you know I love you madly and I hate Bill O. as much as you do...but you gotta let it go for one or two nights. Because you're starting to sound as crazy as he is.
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