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Torchwood: Miracle Day-Episode 9-SQUEEEEEEEE POST

No major violence or squick moments this week! Cliff Notes version: Plot moves forward and Gwen is a BAMF!

I will say for those who have major issues with Holocaust imagery, especially Anne Frank type stories, of the hidden Jews being threatened and then discovered, this could be a triggery week for you, in terms of how they depict the concealment and discovery of Gwen's father.


Starting right out with BAMF Gwen in leather, stealing drugs. Rock on with your bad self, Gwen!

Hello half-naked Jack, and definitely some serious Jack/Esther chemistry going on. Woof!

Lovely close-up of Gwen freckle-age. Fuck you, RHYS! No it’s not cool to “just drive them to the camps.”
(Sorry folks, this series has done nothing to ameliorate my intense dislike of Rhys.)

Rex looking nice in his suits. Yay Lesbian CIA bitch.

Hello, John De Lancie. Still snarking AND smoking up a storm.

Rex-doing his Basil Exposition imitation.

Hello Jilly! Oh the creepitude. The music. My fucking nerves! I can’t take this much longer. OMG, The Blessing. FUCK!

Even the “Gwen in Action” music knows what a BAMF she is.

Damn right she never shared a surname. Why should she?

Holocaust analogies running thick.

Oh Charlotte, you are so about to get busted. (OK, not yet, but when it happens, it’s gonna be awesome.)

OMG! OSWALD!!!!!! FUCK!!!!! Did not see that coming!!!!! (SQUEEEEE for actually surprising me.)

And a MASSIVE SQUEEEEEEEEE for badass Jack, pulling a gun and Ret-con, for Jack & Gwen being back together and giving each other another one of those looks.

Gwen & Oswald dialogue-brilliant. As with Barrowman, Bill Pullman is pulling up EVERYBODY’S acting.


Nice Jack/Esther smile.

The big bad is a twenty-something nerd? “We need you to write history.”


Even Rex wants Rhys to STFU. (Thank you, Rex!)

“I’ll travel the whole bloody world.” (Jack must be thinking of Martha here. He does know some amazing women.)

Awwwww! Rex/Esther “hugging shit.” Cute.

Who is that actress, the blonde? IMDB isn’t helping. ETA: Thank you topaz_eyes, for cluing me in to Frances Fischer. Without the red hair I didn't even recognize her as Eva Thorne from Eureka.

Jack/Gwen cuteness. Jack telling Gwen how weary he is. Creepy creeping blood.


One more squeeeee just for this thing ending next week, because I don’t think I can take much more of this. I seriously need to get to the end of it, so I can actually process the whole thing, and stop worrying about what’s going to happen next.

I kept thinking "Harry Bosco" was a Catholic school near where I grew up, but that turned out to be Don Bosco. So now I just associate Harry Bosco with some delicious milk.

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