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OK, this has been going on for over a week and I'm getting pathetically desperate.
So, normally when I want to get something from my LJ scrap-book, I click on the "Insert/Edit Image" box and it gives me three options including "Image from ScrapBook gallery." From there I go to "Next".

At this point, I used to get a nice set of thumbnails for each gallery right in the center of my screen where I could easily click on something and import it into the post. For about two weeks, the thumbnails are appearing in the top left hand corner of my screen in a way where I can only see a few thumbnails, I can't navigate at all, and so far I've been unable to move the box down to a place where I can see what I need. This is happening on both my home lap-top and my desk-top at work.

It's really frustrating me and holding up the puppy picspam and interfering with the photo-meme.
Is anyone else experiencing this or have any idea what I need to do to fix the problem? In return for assistance, I will write the drabble or create the fanmix of your choice.

I haven't felt this lame about my lack of computer savvy since my infant days on LJ when I couldn't even do a decent LJ-Cut by myself.

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