karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Hubby's universe is falling in around him....(knitting issues)

He's been working on his first sweater since February. Making good progress. Very proud and happy with the project.

He has reached the point where it's time to bind off the front and back shoulders. This morning he woke up and started to make coffee. He started knitting while the coffee was being make, ergo before caffeine had gotten into his system. (It should be noted that hubby does not function well without caffeine.) And proceded to bind off the left front to the right back.

I awoke to the shouts of "OH NO!"

He started to undo it, but he is experiencing knitting paralysis brought on by fear of everything falling apart as he undoes it.

We went out to brunch, and I tried to make soothing noises, reminding him of my various idiocies, including, once again, leaving my keys in the front door. This didn't help much. We are now awaiting the opening of our LYS (Local Yarn Shop, Imagiknit) where he will throw himself on the mercy of one of the knitting experts and attempt to undo the damage and solve the issues.

Can any of the knitters on my F-list give hubby some solace, advice or merely sympathy? (Share similar incidents?) I want to help and be supportive, but as a non-knitter, my insights are limited.
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