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Monday Monday-Time for a Pimp Post

Aside from working through my general "To Read" list, which is backed up about a year, I'm also still reading fics from last years Yuletide.

If you're a fan of fics based on songs, especially "classic rock" songs, I highly recommend Siempre Cambiando, Nunca Cambiando, which is an beautifully written, awesomely researched, expansion and re-imagining of Hotel California by the Eagles.

Pimpage below for Fics and Meta in the following fandoms:

Torchwood, British Comedy RPF, West Wing/Heroes crossover.



Have some very inciteful meta about Jack/Angelo and Jack's relationships in general. Right here by koft2009.

Rules Are Made For This by nomorewords
Rating: NC17
The writer pretty much had me at the pairing along and the fact that it is so deliciously dark and fucked up and Jack is veryveryvery much real!Jack just makes it better. All three of them are at their best (as in worst) bastardy selves here.
MUST READ for Owen fans, Suzie fans, Jack/Owen fans and real!Jack believers.

And a SQUEEEEEE for more Miracle Day fic.

veritas6_5 shares her first drabble with us, featuring Esther and Jack. Very sweet! Go. Read. Give love.


RPF-British Comedy

If you can't smoke it (kick it to death) by marginaliana.
Tony Slattery/John Sessions
A series of 12 connected drabbles. Very hot, and dark, and deliciously angsty. RPF the way I like it, full of mentions of real life friends, family etc. Written for me in the British Comedy Love-In Exchange

West Wing/Heroes-crossover

This is probably a re-pimp of a fic that babykid528 wrote to my request a while ago, but it's now posted to A03 for those who prefer to read and comment there, and in case anybody missed it the first time. It features Sam Seaborn and one of my all-time favorite bastards, Nathan Petrelli, along with undertones of Sam/Josh.
Deals & Games

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