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Weekend Reportage


Just finished my LJ catch-up since Friday afternoon. Damn you guys were chatty this weekend. I skimmed most of the personal stuff and pretty much skipped ALL the fanfic except for a few that called out to me, which are printed for the take home pile.

I didn’t do much commenting. Doesn’t mean I don’t love ya, just means I’m actually supposed to be working and can’t do it while LJ is calling my name.

And now some personal update stuff, which in the world of Quid Pro Quo, Clarice, probably won’t glean (and may not deserve) many comments.

I’ll put it behind cuts, just out of respect for your busy f-lists.


I can’t even tell you how long I have loved his man and his music. If you’re not familiar let me know and I’ll make a sampler. How cool is he? After Bowie put out his album, Low, Nick did a record called Bowi. And he’s the guy who wrote “What’s So Funny Bout Peace Love and Understanding. He’s an amazing singer/songwriter who can do any genre of music convincingly. On his first album, he did a song about the Bay City Rollers, for crying out loud.

Two years ago, I saw him do an amazing set at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and I was totally psyched that he was playing The Great American Music Hall this year, the night before he played the festival again.

It was a shit day at work and I got home exhausted. Hubby was less than enthused, what with dealing with Psycho-sis and the broken arm and everything, but he’d promised he’d go with me and considering the number of things I’ve gone to that I was less than enthused about, he owed me BIG TIME.

We got a cab and stood out in the cold for awhile, but we needed to do that so I could be sure we got upstairs seating. We definitely groused at the people who got in ahead of us with the “dinner tickets,” but eventually got in, got our balcony seats and ordered up some finger food. Quesadilla, cheese-fries, tuna-tots. So bad for you, but so good. I told hubby NOT to order a hamburger. I’m superstitious about burgers in clubs ever since an especially unfortunate incident involving a hamburger at Danceteria.

The opening act was kind of lackluster. Austin Delone (keyboards) and Bill Kirchen (guitar). Some good retro-rock’n’roll, and a bit of texas swing, but also some boring ballads and the sound was pretty bad. Here’s a clip of them, if you’re interested:

I think there’s a Commander Cody connection, there, but I’m not really clear on the whole thing.

At first, like just for a second, I thought Bill was Nick because of the white hair, but when Nick finally came out, it was totally different.

Damn, the man looks good. White hair. White shirt. Black pants. Acoustic guitar and baby, he PWNED that place. He sounded incredible, played songs from every album and managed to do songs that you’d think wouldn’t work as solo acoustic, but totally did.

The only stage chatter was a little bit of audience sucking up schtick at the beginning and a protracted story leading into Indian Queens. As a sucker for British accents and hard-core member of [Bad username: hobmla] I was utterly enchanted, and the music was just amazing. He looked like he was having so much fun up there and the audience was totally in love, although generally not hysterical.

As far as I can tell from my notes scribbled in the dark the set list was:

People Change
Soulful Wind
What’s Shakin’ In the Well (?)
Long Limbed Girl
I’ve Let Things Slide
Has She Got A Friend? (I LOVE THAT ONE!!!)
All Men Are Liars (Great song, brilliant lyric and it trashes Rick Astley!)
I’ve Trained Her To Love Me
Indian Queens (Whooooo-hooooo---so damn pretty.)
Cruel To Be Kind. (Squeeeeee!!!!!)
Heart (More squeeeee!!!!)
King of Men (?)
Hope For Us All
Without Love
Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day.
What’s So Funny Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? (OH MY GOD)
I Knew the Bride (HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!)

For the first encore he did “In the Heart Of The City,” which I wouldn’t have believed was possible on acoustic and he brought out the opening act guys so that he’d have the organ sound on “Half a Boy and Half a Man”

2nd Encore: The Beast In Me
Seven Nights To Rock.

If you get the chance to see him, DO IT!


Manicure, pedicure and some eye-brow waxing in anticipation of Hair Day, but still NO goddess nails. Lots of chipping. Boo-hiss. I feel like I’m totally cheating on Kathy and I really need to get a new set of silk wraps, but just haven’t had time with all this crap going on.

Usually for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, hubby and I go up early on Saturday and stake out our territory so we can see a bunch of acts, which one of us holding the fort at any time while the other one wanders. This time we were sort of beat from the night before so we only went up to see Bela Fleck and The Flecktones. Against all odds, we still managed to get close to the stage so that hubby could see them. I love Bela and I like the Flecktones, but not so much as a live band. And just as the set was ending, the fog came up and it was suddenly FREEZING. We didn’t stick around for Los Lobos. Just left our blanket behind (it’s pretty grungy) and walked and walked and walked back out of the park to the Haight in search of dinner. We had burgers at All You Knead, which is an awesome breakfast place, but not so good for dinner. More miracles occurred as I managed to get us a cab. (You saw all the stuff that was going on this weekend. There’s barely enough cabs in the city on a nothing happening day. On a weekend like this one? It’s a nightmare.)

Watched Torchwood, Dr. Who, CSI, Numb3rs.


OMG-Faeries! Jack!angst. Tentative slashiness. No Gwen hate this week. I would have asked the same questions. I think he needed someone to talk to. Ianto may be getting shoulder touches, but not confiding. Question of the day: why have Gwen and Tosh at the jail doing medical stuff when there’s you know, an actual doctor on the show? Because Gwen and Tosh look better bending over in their tight jeans, I guess.

That must have been one tense ride back to the hub at the end of the series. I’d hate to be one in charge of the radio on that trip.

Dr. Who-Last Of The Time Lords

Holy Shit—ok, hubby actually had the chutzpah to watch this on Friday WITHOUT ME!!! But I got home before he saw the end, so he didn’t know about the whole FOB “reveal,” which frankly I’m not buying into without further evidence. (Analogy for my House-fraus, abusive Daddy House.)

Not a whole lot of great Jack stuff, but damn that’s some serious slash-I-tude between Doctor/Master. And there’s the weird part—Hubby doesn’t see it as slashy. WTF??? “Dying in your arms.” He doesn’t see the slash? (Well he is the idiot who broke his arm on a skateboard, after all.0

CSI-A La Cart

I was actually kind of rooting for Eckley. This show has lost me. Not in a CSI-Miami, I don’t even want to know it exists kind of way, just total indifference interest whatsoever. Well…if they do go with Catherine/Warrick, I might perk up a little. But really, this episode…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Not very interesting either. Charlie and Larry either need to get it on already, or at least one of them needs to get a shave.


Hair Day and Karaoke. Plus CSI-NY and 28 Days Later

The hair looks awesome. Sebastian took me to the Bart Station after brunch (instead of back to the City) because he’s cleaning up his house for the big Karaoke party next week. I haven’t made the party in a few years and I’m hoping to this year, IF Peggy ends up renting a car, so that I have a ride in. We’ll see. The parties are lots of fun. Potluck and Karaoke. What could be better and since it’s sort of a hand-picked crowd, there’s none of the drunken frat-brat contingent to deal with.

I made Sebastian watch The Empty Child with me while we were waiting the 25 minutes for the color to sink in before he could shampoo.

Daddy Dave was up at Hardly Strictly, so my buddy Big Frank (who ordered my JB disks at Virgin, and I should probably talk to him about pre-ordering the new one) was filling in and we did our version of Louis Prima and Keely Smith singing “That Old Black Magic.” I also sang Thunder Road and One Night In Bangkok. David, Peggy, Big Tony (sniffing my hear) Andy, Stuart et al were in the house and Mr. [Bad username: karaokegal] and his bum wing also made an appearance. He stuck around a while then more or less dragged me home.

We watched CSI-NY, but while nothing annoyed me, nothing really grabbed me either and I was on-line chatting and writing most of the time.

Sebastian had lent me “28 Days Later,” mostly for Christopher Eccleston. I’m not that big a zombie fan, but I’d heard good things about again. Again, I was sort of only half-watching, but there was definitely some scary shit in there and Chris was INTENSE!

I was basically writing ALL WEEKEND, no matter what else I appeared to be doing at any time.

I finished a first draft of the costume fic and now it’s off for hemming, cuffing, button sewing, and a word that means adjustments to clothing that my brain will not provide right now.

ETA-ALTERATIONS! Thank you kimberweeme.

The House/Jack crossover smut hit a road-block. I’m hoping to go home and dynamite that thing as soon as I can get out of here.
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  • RIP Robert Conrad

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