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Bad news, Good news, Stress

How not to start the day at the gym: Lock your gym lock with gym bag inside. Then realize that the key to your lock is still IN THE GYM BAG!!!!

Takes talent, I tell you!

Improve day: Fetch female trainer to come into locker room with BIG ASS lock-cutter and be all butch while cutting your stupid lock for you.

Chat with trainer, discuss possibility of doing some sessions so she can assess your form, set up a new routine etc. While looking for pen in pocketbook, compare pocketbook to TARDIS. She says, "Did you say TARDIS?" You say, "Are you a Whovian?" She says, "I love Doctor Who?" HIGH FIVE!

So I've got an appointment with her on Friday. I mentioned Torchwood. I think she's probably only seen the first two series or portions thereof. I will wear my Barrowman shirt on Friday and see if she reacts.


It is NOT my fault that some, let's be kind and say over-worked and possibly distracted United agent, managed to check in the client on TWO SEPARATE TICKETS for the same flight and that therefore I can't get a refund on either one. It's also not my fault that this particular traveler was working for a client who has suddenly decided that we must be trying to rip them off and is now poking their nose up the butt of every single trip we've done for them in the last year. It is also not my fault there there's sometimes a lag between a ticket being canceled and the actual refund going through.

OK, we'll find some way to make United cough up the g.d. refund. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!
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