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Speaking of quitting....

I also seem to have reach the end of the road with ppth_support. Clearly the demand for a community devoted to guest stars and supporting characters just isn't what I'd imagined.

Lesson learned: a cute idea is not necessarily the basis for an LJ Community.

I'm going to leave the community up in case people would like an extra place to post applicable stories, but I just don't have the energy to keep doing the eligible character lists and the drabble challenges and the pimping, none of which seems to be generating any interest anyway. I'm also not keen to keep buying paid time for it, to be quite honest. I also don't think I can face the second half of the third season. The idea of typing an eligible character list that includes SRV is not filling me with joy.

My lovely co-mod leiascully and I are pretty much in agreement on this. Obviously I'll post this to the comm itself shortly, but I'm putting it here first. If there's anyone out there who'd like to take over ppth_support as Moderator/Administrator and re-vamp the whole thing...please get in touch.
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