karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I gave Glee another chance last night.

I'm not sure it was worth it.

I'm so sick of the "re-setting" on this show. I actually don't mind shows where characters don't change or grow. (I'm a big fan of "no learning, no hugging.) BUT if you are going to pretend to have character development, at least try and stick to it. Because I finally watched the finale last week, only to have pretty much everybody back to square one in this episode, with Rachel and Santana as the worst offenders.

Rachel is problematic for me, as always. I was so much a Rachel (without the talent) in High School it's not funny. Maybe a Sugar who thinks she's a Rachel. Anyway, the only thing I do like and that I hope they manage to keep is the Kurt/Rachel friendship, which makes a lot more sense to me than the Kurt/Mercedes friendship every did. I ship Kurt/Rachel and I wish they hadn't blown out the possibilty by doing the "Blaine thinks he might be in love with Rachel" plot already, but since this is Glee, that doesn't mean they won't try to re-tread it with Kurt at some point.

Kurt/Rachel is really the only pairing for either of them that makes any sense. It drives me bonkers that they keep showing us how totally wrong Rachel and Finn are for each other while simultaneously trying to sell them as an Alpha couple and a GREAT LOVE. BLECH. Kurt and Blaine have no chemistry whatsoever and Darren Criss' charms such as they may be are lost on yours truly and that bowtie was the final straw. They might be cool on the Doctor, not on you Darren Criss and certain not while mutilating a Tom Jones song. BLECH! Rachel and Kurt are clearly the kindred spirits here and I thought Rachel's line about wanting to be Kurt's boyfriend was very telling.

In fact, there's a great angsty story to be told there, and I could almost see Kurt/Rachel in a relationship like Oscar Wilde or Cole Porter with their wives. (Carrington, anybody?)

STFU RACHEL, especially when you're butchering the opening of You Can't Stop The Beat. STFU Blaine because the sound of your voice makes me want to punch things.

I could also have lived without Emma's line "This is what being turned on feels like." Or whatever it was. I missed all the episodes between Christmas and the finale, so I don't know if she ever slept with Carl or if she's currently sleeping with Will. (I can see they're sleeping in the bed together, but I'm not sure if sex is involved.) However, if she has already been having sex with either one, while not being at all turned on, or acknowledging it...something bothers me about that, although I realize I'm over-analyzing a throw-a-way line in a show I'm not officially watching anymore.

I really wish the whole thing would die a horrible death and the Zeitgeist would go elsewhere so I wouldn't have to bother even knowing who these people are.
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