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First Fic-Cam/CSI Crossover

Title:(For lack of a better one) Viva Las Vegas
By:Karaoke Gal
Pairing: House/CSI Crossover. Cameron/Sara hurt/comfort House/Wilson kinky implied.
Rating: PG 13/Soft R?
Summary: Cameron needs to get away right after Love Hurts. Includes my version of what happened after the restaurant.
Warnings: Spoilers thru Love Hurts.
Notes: From day one Cameron reminded me of Sara. I hate em both and here they are together. My first fic and it turns out to be femslash? Go figure. Cam-haters will find solace too. Please don't flame me too badly if I screw up the LJ cut. You've all been kind and patient trying to explain it. Feedback welcome, even the rough stuff.
Moderators please come save me from myself if I screw up the posting.

Just my luck, Cameron thought...

ETA-As you can see, this fic has been lost, which is probably for the best. The lovely kohlrimmedeye actually retrieved a copy and I'm sporadically working on making it fit for consumption by anyone with a brain. However a lots happend in both shows since then, so it may not be worth it, and my writing at the time may not be salvageable.
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