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God protects drunks, fools and travel agents...

I just dodged a pretty serious, self-inflicted bullet.

About a week ago I changed a hotel reservation, but I had to do it directly with the hotel instead of through the computer. When this happens we do what is called GK-ing the segment and then XK-ing the original. This means we create of manual record of the new reservation and take the old one out WITHOUT cancelling it. Anyone want to guess what I managed to do?

YUP! I managed to cancel out the old reservation completely, meaning the guest didn't have one and I had no clue because I didn't realize it and thought the GK-ed segment was valid.

Admin calls yesterday to make another change. Tobie gets the call and calls the hotel (This is Miss Please Don't Work on MY records, but that's another story) and finds out TA-DA, no reservation AND no rooms available for less than $800.00 per night. I call the hotel and am told that the reservation manager has just left for the night, telling the lone reservation agent not to give anyone any discounts on anything for any reason.

I made the executive decision that he HAD to have a room and if the agency needed to eat $400.00 to cover my stupidity, it was still better than no room. I wrote the res manager one of my work of art emails, which you may remember from THIS STORY of a few months back, and went home to have my House Party. I was worried, but not THAT worried. I had already copped about the screw-up to the admin and figured the worst that happened was I got fired and since you know how much I LOVE MY JOB, that wouldn't be the end of the world.

During the party, I got OK's on my first two Dr. Who-verse/Barrow-mania based stories from Beta Goddess Carol. I'm antsy to post, but my comment crackwhore self is worried about getting swamped in the aftermath of the SQUEEEE HEARD ROUND THE COUNTRY. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I'll be saved by the UK-ers who once again are being cruelly deprived of new House.

I also lived up to the DRUNK part of the description by eschewing the pizza that Hubby had ordered in lieu of stuffing my face with the season's first bag of Brach's Harvest Mix. You know what I mean; candy corn, indian corn, the little pumpkin candies. Yummmmmmmm.

Anyway, woke up at 7-ish and called the hotel in New York from home. Spoke to the woman I talked to last night, she talked to the revenue manager and voila! so rooms had opened up at the original price. WHEW! I called the admin to give her the good news and she was happy for me. I called the NYC office and told them to document record, and I came here to tell you guys.

Inerestingly, it was pissing rain last night, but now the sun is shining.
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