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Drabble-a-Day 2011 September Statistics

Things got a little weird this month. I wanted to do something for the dw100 prompt of "Colour," so I asked my F-list for suggestions, and you guys came through way better than I'd expected. Then I got kind of obsessive-compulsive about doing all of them. Hence some really interesting drabbles that I would never have written otherwise, but also some very odd statistics. And the possibility that I might not want to write any more Doctor Who drabbles, at least for a while.

Another reminder: The prompt post is still open, and I'm definitely looking for new challenges, specifically fandoms that haven't turned up yet or RPS/RPF pairings that don't get much love.

Total fics: 30
Number of Fandoms: 12 (including one crossover)

Fandoms by numbers of fic

Doctor Who-17
House MD-2
White Collar-1
Forever Knight-1
A Team-1
Knots Landing-!
Life on Mars 1

Types of stories by number of fic. (I'll admit that some of the categories are iffy, but it's my challenge so I get to make the final call.)
Gen-14 (most of the Doctor Who fics turned out to lean that way)

Pairings/OT3 with the most fic-Jack, John, Alonso with 2

Crackiest thing I wrote this month: Let Them Talk-House MD, House meets Mr. Spock. Kind of.

Least popular-Actually pretty much everything came up with a few comments this month, so that was very gratifying.

Most popular-by comments. Right Where It Belongs Some Jack & Rex, post-Miracle Day fic. That definitely hit a chord, which made me very happy. Because it validates that 1. Miracle Day IS and WAS Torchwood, and 2. People get that real!Jack is alive and well, and he and Rex are going to have some fun together.
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