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I shouldn't jinx it, but...

It looks like I might actually get out of here on time tonight. I've already caught up on LJ, posted the JB/DT RPS and done the happy-dance over the few comments I was expecting, continued the happy-dance over the Jack/Algy comments-Hey, Dr. Who readers...you guys rock, read last weeks House re-cap at TWoP and actually done some work. Whoooo-hooooo.

Assuming no calls from hell at 555PM, I'm going to do some shopping on the way home. The grocery situation at Chez Karaokegal has been dire of late. Picking up a chile marinated steak at Bi-rite last night was almost a good idea, except that hubby is still in a full cast which means I actually had to cut it into bite-sized pieces for him. Further proof that I am NOT mommy material. It think tonight it'll be chicken wings and potato salad.

The home-front is also a pig-sty, but I won't be able to do much about that till this weekend. My ride to Sebastians party fell through. I might not go, which will suck, but I'll have more writing time. Some BIG projects still underway as I attempt to clear off my fanfic desk. (GO AWAY, PLOT BUNNIES!)

I'm going to eschew the House babble this week, except to say the squeeeeeeeeeee was utterly squeeee-ful, but Camerclone needs to die a horrible, unmourned death.

I won't even bore you with a lot of "I hate my job" drivel, except to mention the client, coming in on PERSONAL travel, who got most irate when the hotel couldn't put a DVD Player in her room for less than $245.00 per day and wanted me to move her to a different property, when I had spent the last month desperately trying to get this property confirmed because most of Silicon Valley is sold out. She insists that this is standard practice in Asia, and was very, very disappointed. I'm confused because I'm assuming she has a laptop and therefore a built-in DVD player, but maybe it's a Region 1/Region 2 (or whatever they use in Asia)thing.

Same client didn't see her driver waiting after she cleared customes this AM and instead of you know, CALLING, to see where the guy was, she proceeded to just get into a cab and leave. If she thinks I'm even trying to get the limo company to waive the charge, she can think again.

Ten minutes to go....fingers crossed!
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