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I'm making some progress through my "To Read" list, even if said progress mostly consists of pulling up a link and asking myself whatever made me think I wanted to read that in the first place.

At one point, I was seriously considering deleting the whole thing and just walking away, but I can't do that. There are still fics I want to read, or at least give a try to. So I will go on, and will continue to bring worthy items to your attention.

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Where Ten Is The Worst by azn_jack_fiend.
YAY! Always happy to see more Miracle Day fic. This is a sad little ficlet that really captures the poignancy of those two.

I Just Don't Want To by veritas6_5
Jack & Gwen.
Fluffy cuteness


Methuselahs by prochytes
Face of Boe
Angsty and tricksy.



Spooks/James Bond crossover

It's a parody, it's a Meta, it's seriously taking the piss out of the fandom. Special snarky appearance by the one and only Jools Siviter. Check it out.



Our good friend, the lovely proseac1 has undertaken the mammoth project of re-watching all of NCIS from the beginning, in order and writing a drabble for each episode each day. She's well into the 3rd season now and kicking all sorts of butt.

The tag is HERE!. Take a look. Find a favorite episode and see what she's done with it.


Star Trek Reboot RPS AU

A Gesture of Love: (or Project: Woo Rachel) by babykid528

Chris Pine/Zach Quinto (with supporting parts for the other cast members.)

You heard me folks. It's one of the most ambitious projects I've seen a fanficcer attempt and pull of. World-building on the grand scale. Lots of humor as well as pain and the hot, smutty finale that truly pays it off.
Tags: fanfic, jack harkness, ncis, pimping, spooks/mi5, torchwood

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