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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2011-Weekend Report Part 1

Or the perils of fighting the last war.

Here's my report of last year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival.

As far as I was concerned the salient issue was cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. And Fog. And Wind. But mostly COLD! I really hate COLD!!!!!!

So this year with Hugh Laurie playing on Saturday and Bela playing on Sunday, I was really leery about going up because I was worried about being cold. Even though I've been there multiple times before and it wasn't that bad and always seen amazing performances.

Hubby had a sewing class on Saturday and he really wanted to see Bela Fleck on Sunday. I already shared my reasons for being less enthusiastic for the possibility of seeing Hugh Laurie than I would have been a few years back or if he'd released a jazz album, rather than the blues.

So our game-plan was I'd get in some Karaoke time on Saturday, then Ivan would come over to watch the Doctor Who season finale with us and we go up very early on Sunday, with as many layers as we could humanly carry and get a place as close to the stage a we could.

Karaoke was awesome. I got to hang out with my buddy Big Frank and we played our "connections" game. I sang These Foolish Things, he came back with Only Fools Fall In Love. I did Poor Little Fool. He did Poor Side of Town. I did Town Without Pity and he did Poor, Poor Pitiful me. I also FINALLY found a key in which I could sing You'll Never Walk Alone, something I've been trying to accomplish for a very long time.

Doctor Who was amazing. As has been the whole season, I've just been enjoying the ride and trying not to think too hard. I refuse to get drawn into the RTD VS Moff debate. I'm a lucky girl. Torchwood gave me pretty much everything I wanted and Doctor Who has been a fun roller-coaster. What's not to like? And I still believe we WILL get a Moff-written Jack (i.e. Jack at his absolute realest) back on Doctor Who for at least one episode. You did hear Jack get a shout-out. That's not meaningless. Only three companions got that.

We kicked Ivan out, only because otherwise we would have had a LONG RAMBLING conversation that lasted all night. We also watched the premiere of Bedlam. I honestly had no idea what was going on, who was who, or why I should care. Then the new QI and then beddy-bye.

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