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AND WE'RE BACK!!!! House Babble for Twenty Vicodin

Spoilers, including reference to the promo for next week.

House Party attended by myself and evila_elf.

Yes! Thank you! I was right.

I'm really happy with this episode and at least for the time being feel quite vindicated. That line, by the way is to kiss my ass, and the first to pucker up can be David Shore and Katie Jacobs.

This is the episode we should have gotten in some form two years ago instead of Broken. Rather than wasting two years pretending that House could be "fixed" and more importantly that House should be fixed, this was House getting punished, facing so-called consequences and still coming out with the other great truth of House, which is that PEOPLE DON'T CHANGE.

This entire episode was one big confession that House can't, won't, isn't going to, and doesn't need to change. The House we got on day one, drug addicted, miserable, nasty, having a co-dependent fuck-buddy relationship with Wilson, screwing hookers, and incredibly charismatic because of his genius and that ineffable quality Hugh brings to the role IS HOUSE. And it will always be House. And if you try to take any of that away or soften it or "fix" it, you screw up everything.

So to me this is as close to a re-set that effectively annihilates seasons 6 & 7 as we're going to get. Personally I think 4 & 5 need to be eradicated as much as possible as well, but there are glimmers of hope. Olivia is busy with her movie career so that just leaves the odious Taub polluting the screen, but we can HOPE he'll be minimized as much as possible.

I get that this was a vastly "cleaned up" version of anything resembling prison, but it was still bazillion times better than the travesty representation of a mental health facility we got in broken and there was almost no sentimental slop, or hugging *VOMIT* or that craptastic rapping scene, which still gives me nightmares. House was House. He did what he did, because it's what he does. I was OK with the psycho room-mate coming in at the end to save House.

I'll take a big smooch on the other cheek for Dr. Adams, who is clearly a Cameron replacement. More vindication. Proof that someone is finally acknowledging that House needs a Cameron. NOT 13. NOT the loathesome excuse for a character that was Martha Masters. *SPITS* A Cameron. Since
TPTB have so stupidly burned their bridges with Jennifer Morrison, this character and actress will suffice. No big "secrets." No "quirks." Just a nice, attractive, idealistic, but pragmatic, brunette who can do the job, challenge House just enough to get him where he needs to go and possibly fall in love with him. Or not as the case may be.

Shallow note: HAIR! Lots and lots of hair. I don't care what kind of special effects are needed to accomplish it, but Hugh needs the hair. The cropped look was atrocious, and symbolized the attempt to cut him down to size by insisting that he needed to be changed. (It was as though the entire show had taken on Cuddy's POV---insisting that they didn't want to change House, while going on and on about what was wrong with him.)

So, about House/Wilson. There's been no contact while he's in jail. We got one gay reference, and next week Wilson is going to make another "we're not friends" speech. Couldn't the writers come up with different dialogue for Wilson to spout before he starts sucking House's cock again goes crawling back in House's lap? It's getting old. Yes, I also take it as vindication that "friends" is code for co-dependent, closeted fuck buddies, who love each other, but can't come out and keep hurting each other in the process, but if you have a an actor of the caliber of Robert Sean Leonard, you might want to give him something worth his talent. And no last year's stupidity with the chickens doesn't count either.

I don't know if it's possible to get House/Wilson back to what it was when there was an innocence to the subtext that made it sexier. I'd like to point to the wretched "Bromance" TV Guide article as the beginning of the end, but I truly blame the idiot who asked Hugh the question on Inside The Actor's Studio. (And I blame a lot of the slash fanservice dynamics that have emerged on shows since them on her too.) Live by the fanservice, die by the fanservice. Get Saint Doris to do everything BUT have the characters kiss on-screen and then act all surprised when the fan-girls don't embrace your pet het-pairing. (Jeff Eastin could tell you something about that.)

So this week, I'm giving the House-gang a provisional thumbs-up, now that they've admitted I was right and they were wrong. Let's see what next week brings.

Side note: Michael Pare as the Warden. OMG!!! Michael Pare! Eddie and the Cruisers. 1987. I saw that in the theater with BFF Jen and thought he was so sexy. That was a VERY LONG time ago, and I'm now feeling realllllly old.
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