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Clients who rhyme with Sticks....

Mr. Big Shot attorney gets to the airport with his girlfriend and "discovers" that they do not have seats together in coach. He proceeds to shoot off a very rude email to his admin, accusing her and I of not doing our jobs of "thinking this seating was a good idea" and demanding that the travel agency refund his service fee.

Admin sees this upon arriving at work and freaks out and calls me. I semi freak out, except I have a vague memory of actually bringing the seating situation to her attention before the travel was finalized. Since I NEVER delete an email (for which IT hates my guts) I am able to find not only the email where I spelled out the fact that there were NO seats together available AND that there only center seats left to pre-assign, but an email from the admin where she says "bummer" and hopes he will be upgraded at the airport.

At this point (believe it or not) I actually felt kind of guilty, because the admin told me she did get the email and never brought it to his attention. So it's totally her fault and I don't have to do the groveling this time. But he was a cretin to her and I feel bad about it. However, as long as I have proof that I did tell her in advance, I am NOT taking the responsibility and we ain't refunding anything.

About 1/2 hour ago, I get another email from admin. Turns out he DID get upgraded, probably within a few minutes of sending off nasty email, and he did not bother to send one apologizing or even saying "never mind," instead letting his admin stew and worry in an environment where people are being laid off and reviews are coming up.


And the moral is NEVER DELETE AN EMAIL, no matter what your IT department says!
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