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House Babble for Transplant

House party attended by evila_elf.

A second week of not-half-bad, marred by a rather large ball of crap.

Let's get the crap out of the way first. House/Wilson was crap. It was self-referential meta. It was fanservice instead of subtext, telling instead of showing, repetitive right down to the "We're not friends" dialogue and saved marginally by Hugh and RSL's acting. Very wink-wink nudge-nudge for the fangirls. Shore et al know what kind of mixed messages they're sending. Since they've tipped their hand that they are aware of the slash-fandom, they know damn well that "meeting at your place" for steak, no less, is going to trigger a slew of "they went home and had sex" fics, while still giving they the lee-way to shake their heads and tell us that no such thing is happening. (I don't think it takes a tin hat to see the game TPTB are playing and to be offended by it.)

Just a reminder to possibly new readers: I'm not offended by the idea that House and Wilson are fucking. I came to this fandom as a House/Wilson shipper and I still consider myself one in good standing. I'm offended by the fanservice being knowingly served up with no intention of follow through. For doing it right: go back to the House's inflection of the two words "Why, Jimmy!" in Autopsy vs House having to spell out details of the friendship or make gay jokes about their song.

Normally I'd be a lot more ragey about this than I am right now. For one thing, everybody knows that I'm a gentle soul who is all about the love and for another I'm still winning.

This crap was a clear admission on DAVE&KATIE'S part that they needed to reset back to before Season 4. You'll notice Wilson didn't mention any details of the "slew." House asked about his arm with about the same degree of concern he showed after he Chase in Finding Judas. It's like Amber never happened. Maybe Sam (redux) didn't either.

People don't change. None of Wilson's so-called character development regarding House means anything. We are essentially back to Season 2. Banter and blow-jobs. They love each other and keep hurting each other, just like I've been saying for three years. So provisionally I'm ok, as long as the re-set it total and they're not going to try and float any deeper on screen caring or schmoop at us. House did his thing for Wilson. Wilson was forced to admit his codependancy.

As House said in Words and Deeds: Nothing's changed. None of the real utter bollocks shite (like the horror of Known Unknowns or The Down Low.) Bring Julie back and let Wilson start cheating on her again.

Which brings me to the things that were great about this episode:

1. House is a using addict. Foreman stated that he'd go back to jail if he scammed "extra vicodin." Which means any and all plans to clean him up or taper him off are gone. He is who we got. And they're not even trying to pretend that it's really just the pain. It's taken for granted that it's true addiction NOT dependence for pain purposes. I WIN!

2. I like Dr. Park. Again, no special super secrets. House read her in two seconds flat and decided she was ok. The actress can act. The character has enough quirks to set her apart, but no so many that she is ONLY her quirks. (Martha Masters, I'm looking at you.)

3. FOREMAN! Awesome! I'm willing to go with Foreman as Dean of Medicine and someone who MIGHT actually have the balls to stand up to House just enough to make him really work, unlike someone else who suffered a metaphorical double-orchidectomy in the name of a very bad plot. I think this is a good chance for Omar Eppes to have Foreman NOT be a total ass and NOT totally boring.

4. THE PLOT! Wow! How longs has it been since we got a good medical mystery for House to work on without having to "relate" the case to his personal life in some way? Halle-bloody-lu-jah. I liked idea that the lungs are his perfect patient. I even liked Wilson's patient and seeing Wilson be the overly-nice empathetic guy we used to see or be told about all the time. It's been a while for that. ALTHOUGH, weren't we told back in Family that Wilson is the primo manipulator of patients? Although I guess he proved he was by getting Bobby involved. That was a very House move, but also shows that Wilson isn't necessarily nice. (As we all know.)

HOWEVER-I still do have to note that it was basically a replay of "Sex Kills" without the awesome guest stars and Cow Guy! If they have to repeat themselves, at least they're looking back to the right era. Does anybody ever want to see anything even remotely repetitious of Living The Dream ever again?

5. HAIR: RSL is showing some gray at the temple, but at least he has a good cut again. Hugh's hair is still suitably shaggy. I know we're going back to the ugly simian look, but I'm in denial until it actually happens.

Preview Spoiler:

GO AWAY 13. Olivia has a nice little movie career going. She doesn't need the show and the show certainly doesn't need her. Give me Park, Adams and Chase and I'll be a happy girl. Yeah, I know we're not rid of Taub yet either, but I'm HOPING that someone will have figured out that he can be tolerated for one-liners, not any plot that actually hinges on my giving a shit about his pathetic ass.
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