karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Welcome back, muscle spasms!

And feel free to fuck right on off any time you like. As in RIGHT NOW! I was hoping to head this off at the pass as soon as the neck kink showed up, but it's followed the exact same progression as last time. Neck kink, followed by lower back pain. Luckily I have the meds left over from the last go round. (Not to mention the ones I recently found of the exact same muscle relaxer which I was prescribed in 2006, even though I have no memory of it whatsoever.)

We're about to find out if I can function on two Vicodin and one Flexoril. Of course considering I managed to book a client on the wrong dates and get one flight to the wrong city yesterday with the help of no narcotics whatsoever, I'm not sure it makes much difference.

Also, note to producers/writers/directors of House MD: swallowing Vicodin is a bitch even with something to wash it down with. I know that the dry-swallow is a trademark to show just how fucked up House is, but at least once I'd like to see him have some trouble with it.
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