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Bryan Ferry was amazing!

But he always is. This makes the fourth time I've seen him solo along with one Roxy Music reunion concert.


The show was very fast-paced, covering everything from the first Roxy Music album all the way up to the one, Olympia, which I bought at the concert and is totally fantastic. He did two Dylan songs. I personally would have skipped "To Make You Feel My Love" only because I'm a little sick of hearing it due to the Adele version that everyone insists on singing at the Mint.

God the man looks good. The first set he had a suit with a white shirt, second set black shirt, which made it a little harder to see him from the balcony. While it would have been nice to be up front by the stage, my back just wouldn't be able to handle it anymore.

Highlights included, Slave To Love, Jealous Guy, Like a Hurricane, Editions of You, and of course Love Is The Drug. The band was awesome, including a very sexy female sax player to do the Andy Mackay parts and Chris Spedding on drums from the original Roxy Line-up. There were also two sexy pole-dancer types on stage and four back-up singers, plus at least three guitarist, some keyboards and god knows what else. It wasn't quite as full as the stage for The High Road, but damn close.

One thing I really loved about the set-list was that it omitted a few predictable numbers. Every concert of Bryan's that I've ever seen live or record ends with "Do The Strand." Friday's show did not. He didn't do it all. The last number was Sam & Dave's "Hold On, I'm Coming" which goes all the way back to The Bride Stripped Bare. He did "Avalon," but NOT "More Than This." I was surprised to hear "Let's Stick Together" because I sort of associate that with Jerry Hall in the video, but I guess that's not an issue for him. He also didn't do "Virginia Plain," and most surprisingly "In Every Dream Home A Heartache," which is always a big audience participation number for the last line, "but you blow my mind!"

This is one reason it must be nice being a cult star instead of a superduper star. You get to make those decisions as opposed to HAVING to play what the crowd expects. Can you imagine Mick Jagger deciding he's just not going to "Jumping Jack Flash" any more?

Hubby was polite about the whole thing, but I knew he was less enthused than I was. Bryan really isn't his cup of tea, but it was nice of him to go with me anyway. Unfortunately that meant I didn't have much choice about not getting dragged out to see "Real Steel" on Saturday night. It's rare that one gets to see THAT many cliches and that much product placement in one movie.

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