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OK, this is just getting ridiculous!

So I've been off work doing pretty much nothing but staring mindlessly at my lap-top for a week, taking my Flexeril and Ibuprofen and I'm still waking up with a certain amount of soreness/pain in my left hip. I'm going in this morning to see a Physical Therapist and get some kind of assessment for what I can do in the way of stretching or something to alleviate the pain and also how I can exercise without triggering another round of spasms.

On top of that, now I've got a sore throat. Right side, difficulty swallowing and it feels like my right ear is involved as well. I've got an appointment today to go in for that. I'm really starting to feel like the world's biggest hypochondriac. I almost hope there is an infection so that at least there's a reason rather than just generic aches and pains of my advanced age.

Also, I really need to get moving again, because I've been stuffing my face like you would not believe. I really hate how I feel and look when this goes on. I feel like I've put on 10 pounds. I'm ONLY wearing the clown-pants i.e. size 16's because I can't stand the idea of anything tight around my waist, and I'm afraid that getting into a size 12 before I was really there, MIGHT have contributed to the onset of the muscle spasms.

My whole "skinny jeans" by new years thing is right out the window and I doubt I'm even going out on Halloween, especially since Yanni flaked on our joint costume plan.

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