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I got a kiss from Ann Magnuson!

So basically I spent a lot of today in the dark.

Slept late, woke up with (finally) no pain. Did some picking up and putting away, laundry etc. Hubby and I decided to celebrate having some time together by going to the movies and brunch at Mel's.

We saw Anonymous, and it was Amazing! From the first appearance of Sir Derek Jacobi to the end of the credits, I was totally engrossed and for the last 20 minutes I had tears in my eyes. A few plot points I had quibbles with, but the scenery, writing and OMG THE ACTING were just the height of perfection. Won't give any plotting away, but if you love England, Shakespeare, History or Writing, you must see this.

Came home for a bit and headed back out to the Roxie for a double feature. The Hunger, glossy, technicolor, glamorous New York vampires from 1983 and Nadja, grunge, black&white, emo, New York vampires from 1994.

Ann Magnuson was there because she had a small part in the Hunger, and she'd done a presentation at SF MOMA the night before. She had CD's to give away and I won one with my vast knowledge of Klaus Nomi songs. Then she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Fabulous result!
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