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That whole "trying to stay focused" thing...

Got up this AM to go to the gym. (Still no sign of ATM card, BTW. I KNOW I had it in the apartment. I took OUT of the cardio belt after I ran on Sunday morning and then I did.....something, and when I thought about it again-Nothing. Can't find it anywhere. But I parenthetically digress.)

I left with my gym bag, and another bag with a bunch of fanfic to read. I thought I had my red pocketbook with me, which would have wallet, gym card, locker key and security pss for the office. I got so engrossed in the fanfic (kiwi_from_hell's Numb3rs fic-OMG!) that when I got off the BART at Montgomery Street and became aware that I didn't have my pocketbook, I had no idea whether I had left it on BART or just not left the house with it. Called hubby on cell phone (in coat pocket) and was told it was still at home. Which means I'm an idiot, but less of an idiot than if I left it on the train.

I figured the best thing to do was go home, take a shower and come back to work a bit late, but with my security card etc. So I went down into the BART station...and proceeded to get on a train going in the wrong direction, which I didn't realize (fic reading again) until I thought it was taking a really long time to get between Civic Center and 16th & Mission.

It was a pleasant ride to the East Bay...more reading. Part one of a Jack/Ianto H/C story by ceindreadh_fic. OK, but not really my thing. I got out to at the first East Bay station and it was already warm and the sun was breaking through the fog and I really wanted to burst into tears and NOT GO BACK! There had to be a day's worth of something I can do in the East Bay just I so wouldn't have to go to work and deal with bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit at the Desk Of Doom.

BUT NO--I went back--and went to the gym without my gym-card or my locker key and still managed to get in and work out for 1/2 an hour. Mostly weights, no cardio, some crunches. I brushed my hair and then gobbed it down with the crap conditioner they dispense in the showers.

So I'm here, looking semi-presentable, barely functioning. Wondering what the hell's the matter with me. Stupidity, brain tumor, serious need of a vacation, or a new job? And maybe I really, really need to stop reading fanfic on the BART and having my head absorbed with House and Torchwood and all my other fandoms. But really, if I had to sit here all day and NOT think about that stuff, I don't think I could stand it.

On the other hand...drunks, fools and travel agents. When I left last night I thought I was going to have a major issue on an American Airlines re-issue and it turns out the NY girls took care of it and life will continue to be a Cabernet.

Psst-not to be a tease or anything, but--points to userpic--coming soon (one week).
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